• April Kenyon

Welcome Mad Moose Herd Team Ambassadors

Updated: Sep 12

We are excited to announce the 2022-2024 Mad Moose Herd Team Ambassadors!

From brand new runners to 100 mile finishers, our team is full of individuals who love the running community. We’re thrilled to have such a diverse group joining us! Each Ambassador has their unique story of how they came to love running and why it is important to them. We’ll be introducing them over the next few months so you can get to know them better and recognize them at our events!

Our Ambassadors come from all over the US, from Iowa to California, to run our races and support other runners through volunteering.

We’re looking forward to a great couple years with our Ambassador Team!

Alexis Knight

Allen Peoples

Anita Ortiz

Becky Lamb

Brock Covington

Brooke Morrison

Bryanna Armstrong

Caolan MacMahon

Christina Raineri

Claudia Johnson

Corey Stalnaker

Dawn Gwin

Debbie Davis

Denise Flory

Diane Pisano

Emily Ashby

Erica Critchfield

Hannah Willis

James Lowry

Joe Miller

Jordan Bautista

Jorge Hernandez

Julia Renken

Karla Nephew

Kim Inge

Lauren Parker

Lynne Day

Martin Eliaz Almazan

Matt Grenier

Matthew Felton

Max Robinson

Megan Flanagan

Megan Sand

Sammie Rowan

Scott Gordon

Tara Pelton

Teri Pitman

Travis Baker

Zachary Carson

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