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Meet Mad Moose Ambassador: Lynne "Sparkle Moose" Day

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If you’ve run more than one Mad Moose Event, chances are you’ve met Lynne Day.

Whether it’s offering words of encouragement to other runners out on course, serving up refreshments with a smile and a wry joke at an aid station, or cheering at you to run faster down the finish chute, Lynne is indeed a valued member of the Mad Moose Herd running community. Lynne has so far accumulated 17 Mad Moose Events finishes at nine of our different events, with her most recent being a 5th time finishing at our Behind the Rocks Ultra.

Lynne’s running resume spans over 20 years, from 5ks to 100 milers. Lynne’s first Mad Moose race was the High Drive Challenge in 2016. This 10 mile race got her hooked on Mad Moose Events, leading to her first ultra, Behind the Rocks 50k in March the following year. This is still one of Lynne’s favorite races, which she comes back to run or volunteer at year after year. Next time you see her, ask her why it’s so special to her…she’d love to tell you!

Part of the reason we all love trail and ultra running is because it is a community filled with supportive, welcoming, and inspiring individuals, and Lynne is no exception! So when you’re out at Rattler Trail Race in Colorado Springs, ask her about her running journey…it’s pretty amazing! She’ll love to hear all about your story, too! If you miss her there, you may find her giving you bacon at the Mt. Rosa aid station during Pikes Peak Ultra, in the middle of a hailstorm. She’ll help remind you why you signed up for this stuff and keep you moving to the finish. You might catch her at Dead Horse Ultra out in Moab in the fall, volunteering at the finish line even though she’s just had an exhausting day of racing. Lynne knows how challenging it is to be a runner, but also knows the community is what makes it such a special experience that keeps us coming back for more!

“Always remember to keep smiling! And don't fall into cactus.” - Lynne Day

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