• April Kenyon

Meet Mad Moose Ambassador: Becky Lamb

Do you know the secret? Becky Lamb does, and I’m not just talking about her enchiladas!

Becky knows that the running community thrives on people like her who are friendly, encouraging, and dedicated. Becky and her family have been supporting Mad Moose Events since the very first Behind the Rocks event in 2015. It was the very first race we’d ever held as Mad Moose. While her husband Clint raced, Becky and their youngest son, Porter, served up the famous Mad Moose Enchiladas to hungry runners at the finish line with a smile…and have been doing it ever since!

Standing behind her pot of enchiladas (often prepared by Porter), Becky enthusiastically greets each runner, asks about their race, fills up their bowl, and gets them to smile before sending them on their way to enjoy their meal! While the enchiladas are delicious, it’s definitely Becky’s cheerful attitude that gets runners right back in line for seconds or thirds.

You can usually find Becky, Porter, and Clint at any of our Moab, Utah events. In addition to volunteering, Becky has run many races herself, usually opting for an early start so that she can finish and be ready to help serve other runners before anyone else comes in. If Becky is running, Clint and Porter step in and volunteer to ensure our events run smoothly. Becky and her family truly know what it takes to run a family business like Mad Moose. Without the Lamb family and their unwavering support, Mad Moose Events would not be the amazing successful company that we are today.

Next time you’re at one of our races, make sure to check with Becky at the finish line. She will share her secret with you in exchange for a smile!

"Have fun out there and enjoy the beautiful scenery." - Becky Lamb

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